Why should I use a  Hey Hey Vacay Travel Professional?
Why shouldn’t you?  Our travel consultations are complimentary!  Let us take the time to research and plan your trip instead of taking several hours out of your already busy day to spend hours on line wondering if the website you are on is legitimate or is even still in business.  Take the time and enjoy your family and leave the research to us!  We know where to go to find the perfect vendor match for you!  Also, having worked through the Covid pandemic, we know the hours it takes to hold for vendors to have your vacations cancelled or rescheduled.  Let us to that work for you! 

I booked my own travel before the Covid pandemic and my trip was cancelled.  I have a voucher to use for future travel, can you help me? 
Absolutely!  We are happy to help you reschedule your travel plans at no charge to you!  Let us take care of the planning and be your “go to” person for any questions or concerns during the process. 

Why don’t you charge a fee for your services? 
Hey Hey Vacay travel is a small home based local  business.  In order to grow and expand our business, we rely on referrals from our friends and family and our past travel clients.  If you are happy with the services provided to you by Hey Hey Vacay, please tell all your friends and family!  Referrals are the best payment we can receive as a new business.  And, while on your trip, please send us a video clip of where you are and how your experience was in working with us and with your permission, we will post that on our website!  For us, a happy customer who will refer us to others is payment in plenty! 

I booked my own trip – I wish I would have known about Hey Hey Vacay Travel sooner. 
It’s ok!!!  Did you know that in most cases, if you booked your cruise or tour directly with the vendor, we can take over the reservation at no charge to you!  Nothing changes in the plans that you made with the vendor – the price and all details of your trip remain the same.  The only difference is you will have the services of a local person to meet with and help you with the rest of the planning.  If that means booking excursions, adding pre/post nights, making payments, and printing documents.  We are here to help you through that process at a local level. 

I prefer to meet in person, do you have a storefront? 
Hey Hey Vacay Travel is a home based business.  We are happy to meet with you in our home office or if you prefer, we are happy to meet you for a cup of coffee to discuss your travel plans in what ever setting is comfortable for you.   If time does not allow for an in-person meeting, we would be happy to email you proposals or set up a zoom meeting. 

Where do your dreams want to take you?
Contact us for a complimentary consultation.  We work with a variety of different vendors in order to provide you options for many styles of travel.  Whether you want to your own thing and just need air, hotel, and a car rental, or if you want a custom vacation tailored just for you, Hey Hey Vacay Travel has the resources to customize a trip specifically to your travel interest. 

What if I find a deal on the internet but I am afraid to book it?
Please send us a screen shot!  We will take that information and be sure it is booked with a reputable vendor and do our best to have the price you found matched, and also be certain that the price you were quoted includes everything you will need including any necessary transfers, advise you of any known resort fees, and offer you the optional travel insurance.

Many times when you are looking at things on line, the prices look fantastic, but the reality is, it doesn’t include many of the things you thought it did!  That what we here for!