Meet Erica & Mitch Craven

Erica & Mitch Craven


Phone: 715-281-0714

Hey there! Our names are Mitch and Erica and to say we are excited to be here is an understatement!!

For years, we have been planning our own travel and have developed a passion for travel that continues to grow with every trip we take. With nearly 50 years of combined customer service experience, we are looking forward to sharing our passion for travel with you and delivering exceptional service throughout the entire process.

From South Africa to Ethiopia to Jamaica, we have yet to visit a destination that we didn’t fall in love with but our hearts belong to Central America. Maybe it’s because we got engaged in Costa Rica or because Erica’s wedding ring was kept safe all night by a giant moray eel off the coast of Belize in (yes…IN) the Caribbean Sea but we keep finding ourselves returning, time and time again.

For us, the planning stages of a trip are just as fun as the trip itself but for so many others, the planning stages are frustrating, intimidating, and filled with worry. We get it and we’re here to help you! We are so excited to join Hey Hey Vacay Travel as independent travel advisors and share our love of travel and travel planning with YOU! Connect with us today!!

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