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Zoe Heis



Phone: 715-297-8413

Hi, my name is Zoe and I love traveling! 


I took my first trip to Europe while I was in college, and I have been planning trips ever since!  I am always on the hunt for my next vacation destination.  I have traveled to many places throughout the United States, as well as a few places in Europe and Africa.  I love traveling off the beaten path and experiencing places by living like the locals. 


I truly enjoy being immersed in different cultures while abroad and navigating my way through other countries with my friends and family.  I quickly became the designated family travel planner and “leader of the pack” on all our adventures.  I have learned many tips and tricks along the way that have shaped me into the traveler I have become. 


I am excited to share my passion for traveling with you and your loved ones as we work together to create your dream vacation!

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